Personal Info

Tim Dobbelaere
Name Tim Frederik Dobbelaere
a.k.a. Storem, Todd, ToddStorm, The Man


Contacting Info

alternate: [PGP key]
snail-mail Zuidstraat 9B bus 8
8680 Koekelare
Belgium - Europe
Phone (GSM) +32 477 585 325 (Send me a SMS* message)
ICQ UIN: 14961322 (I'm my status)
UIN: 69376565 (I'm my status)
IRC very infrequently, channels #banned, #mp3.be, #linux.be, #bommanews &
#vlaanderen (rarely) on an IRCnet server


Computers & Networking

My Systems Windows Vista Ultimate on a Pentium 4 called morpheus
Windows XP Professional on a Core 2 Duo called selene
Windows XP Professional on an AMD64 called coldsteel
Linux (Fedora Core 7) on a Pentium 4 called zorro
Windows 98 Second Edition on a Pentium called god
IPCop* 1.2.0 on a Pentium called ipcop (retired)
IPCop* 1.3.0 BETA 1 on a Pentium II called devcop (retired)
Smoothwall* on 486dx2 called mystery (retired)
MS-DOS & Lantastic 6.0 on a 386sx called buggy (retired)
Linux (Red Hat* 9.0) on a dual Pentium II called interceptor (retired)
Linux (Red Hat* 9.0) on a dual Pentium II called fatwalter (retired)
Sun* Solaris 2.7 on sun1 (retired)
Mac OS X v10.2.6 on a PowerMac G3 called g3 (rarely used)
Windows Mobile* 2003 on an iPAQ callediPAQ5450 (GPS only)
Development HTML (HomeSite), PERL & PHP* (CGI), C/C++ & Visual C++*, Java* for JavaCard platform, JavaScript & JScript, Pascal & Delphi*, Basic & Visual Basic
Affiliations Beach BBS (renamed in Cocoon BBS, second system operator)
Cocoon Communications Network (Co-founder, domain cocoon.net sold)
The HTML Writers Guild*
Sitebuilder Network* (Level 1/2)
Net@ddress USA.NET Webmasters Club*
Microsoft Developer Network*
Keyware Technologies* (Software Engineer & ICT Manager, left company)
Association for Computing Machinery*
BommaNews BN ;-) (Moderator, community obsolete)
Smoothwall* (Dutch Translator & Beta Tester)
Linux Counter* (Country Manager for Belgium)
Thawte* (Web of Trust Notary)
IPCop* (Developer)
Internet Society* (ISOC Flanders Chapter)
BioWise* (Biometric Consultant, left company)
SITA* (Engineer)
Projects CarTVEurope (Lovel Sportscars / Gregori Sportscars / VanClee / Rotrax)
ICQ Pager
Jacali Chocolates
mycarcrash.com (Just another crash gallery)
Keyware: Save the crocodiles*
(needs to be updated)


Sports & Community

My Weapons Beretta 92FS 9mm
Walter GSP .22
Smith & Wesson Model 19/4 .357 Magnum
Colt Gold Cup National Match 45ACP
Affiliations Karabiniers van Groenighe Kortrijk (KGK)* schietclub (Hoofdcommissaris, resigned)
Bloso* (Initiator Sportschieten)
Lijst Dedecker* (verantw.arro. Ieper, ondervoorzitter regio Westhoek)
Sint-Hubertus Beveren-Leie (SHB) schietclub

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