Software Testimonials

IPCop Firewall

From the site: The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distro. It will be geared towards home and SOHO users. The difference with existing firewalls is that the IPCop interface will be very user-friendly and task-based.
I began using this firewall distribution in the Smoothwall days. I even became one of the Dutch translators for the project. After some differences in the group, IPCop was forked fro the 0.9.9 sources. Now after almost one year of wandering about, I joined the IPCop team as Software Craftsman.
26 December 2002: The IPCop team releases version 1.2.0: a good step in the way of creating the ultimate firewall. To Be Continued.
IPCop Firewall*
SourceForge Project*
[HOT] My first IPCop Patches


JavaScript is no doubt the true king of client-side scripting. It's useful for all kinds of (client-side) validation, visual enhancements and GUI manipulation. If you entered my website at the homepage, you have surely seen the mouse trail made of small gold stars. Maybe you even right clicked to see the code. Search no further, here's the code:
[HOT] Bouncing Stars: bouncing_stars.js* & star.gif*
Right-click Popup: cool_huh.js*
Dynamic Drive* DHTML & JavaScript code library!
JavaScript Kit* - Comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS tutorials and over 400+ free JavaScripts!
[HOT] Ultimate client-side JavaScript client sniffer, Version 4.0*

Mac OS X v10.2

a.k.a. Jaguar
You just got to love this OS! Beauty only possible to originate from the vision of the Apple artists, combined with the industrial strength comparable to any UNIX based system. Offcourse you need a newer PowerMac system and a lot of memory to run smoothly, but it isn't slower than OS 9.
Little trick to gain root access and change the root password:
Type "sudo su -l" in a Terminal session, followed by "passwd root".
Mac OS X Apps*
Carracho** - Internet BBS system

Windows XP

Well, what shall I say? I installed this OS on my work P4 1.4GHz somewhere in 2001. The machine had 128 MB RAM, and this was the primary problem with Windows XP. Also the graphical strength of the NVidia TNT2 wasn't too satisfying (using 32 bit colors). But it didn't crash! I got some more memory and tried again, the system works at a minimum of 256 MB RAM for us; power users. The speedy GeForce 3 does miracles in the higher resolutions. It boots fast, it does the job, but I feel that the OS could do with even a more powerful system. (I didn't crash either on my work P3 750MHz Dell Inspiron notebook.)


LinuxWhat can I say? Only the finest OS in the world. The OS of the human race! I'm currenly running it on multiple machines, both for workstation/desktop and server tasks. Little hard to configure but it pays off when you get apache/mod_php3/mod_ssl/mysql/ldap working :))
Red Hat* (very nice distribution, currently version 8.0)

Windows 2000

Very nice Windows release. Has over 63.000 bugs however, but still better than the previous crappy versions. Don't try using it as a domain server though... It's just not build for that kind of thing. Workstation and standalone server are quite fine... just reboot every few days.

Windows Millenium

a.k.a. Windows 98 Third Edition
I moved strongbow to WinME because the Win98 SE had done it's time. The system's reaction time was really slow and annoying in the end. Now I arrive at the WinME story: 1. Very fast booting 2. Very slow taskswitching 3. Very dead heavy multitasking. Microsoft removed the ability to boot in the 16 bit DOS mode. Even the rescue disk boots up the GUI. Luckily everyone keeps a spare Win98 bootdisk.

Windows 98 Second Edition

Not much of an improvement. More drivers in the standard package, new DirectX and IE versions. Wouldn't spend my $ on it.

Windows 98

IE4Ok, here's the deal: 1. Get Windows 95; 2. Install ALL updates (even the weird ones); 3. Add Internet Explorer 4.01; 4. Lose some features (probably buggy ones); 5. = Windows 98. I'm using Win98 Beta 3 due to compatibility conficts. The release is as nice as possible.
Microsoft Fax / At Work Fax / Exchange Client
It's a real pain in the ass figuring out how to get Microsft Fax up and running in Windows 98. Maybe that's because it tend NOT to read manuals and stuff. But a friend of mine did :). Look at the Tools\OldWin95\Message directory on your Windows 98 CD-Rom. What do we find there? Right, the fax driver: First install WMS.EXE (the exchange client), then AWFAX.EXE (the actual fax driver). Now reboot and the job is done!
WinFiles* - Former Windows95.com
Tucows* - Excellent software archive

Windows 95

IE4 TestOnly the most unstable product in the world. But with all those Visual X programmers out there, the win is definite.
WinFiles* - Former Windows95.com
Tucows* - Excellent software archive


Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language. One of the most powerfull languages to work your text files. Excellent for CGI processing on both UNIX & Windows platforms. I use the Win32 implementation from HIP Communications Inc.* An absolute powercookie for that big brain of yours.
Perl Meta-FAQ*
Perl5 Information, Announcements, and Discussion*
PERL Man pages *
Perl reference materials*
UF/NA Perl Archive*
Perl for Win32 FTP1*, FTP2*, FTP3*, FTP4*, FTP5*, FTP6*, FTP7*, FTP8*
Perl Tutorial* - Very good for beginners (compiled version*)


Build with HomeSiteHTML ValidatorProbably the best piece of HTML coding software found on the planet. In 1996 acquired by Allaire, its popularity amongst the hard core webauthoring individuals arised to unknown hights. It's compliant with the current HTML standards and features many extras, e.g. project management, version control, internal viewer, strict HTML and WYSIWYG modes, ... It's a must for the web professional!
Allaire - Homesite*
HSGuide* - Extensive guide, scripts, templates, ...

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