Pas-de-Calais April 2003

On Friday April 18, 2003 a friend of mine and I went on a quick day-trip to Pas-de-Calais. Armed with a camera and a good bottle of wine; this is the story of a windy pick-nick. We took the small roads from Ieper to Cassel, Ardres, Wissant, Cap-Gris-Nez & Cap-Blanc-Nez to return home safely taking the highway from Calais to Lille.

12:10 Unkown Church in France 20030418-121305 Porte d'Aire 20030418-123025 Windmill on a hilltop from behind 20030418-125304 20030418-125501 Windmill on a hilltop 20030418-133428 20030418-133510 BMW 320d millage counter 20030418-153431 20030418-154138 20030418-154149 20030418-154206 20030418-154249 20030418-154503 20030418-154512 Batterie Todt 20030418-154804 20030418-155105 20030418-155314 20030418-161212 20030418-161647 This is MY rock! Seagull looking at the photographer Seagull looking sideways at the photographer 20030418-162951 20030418-163127 20030418-163420 20030418-163425 Body Double I'm not talking to you anymore! 20030418-163841 20030418-165751 20030418-165916 CRS CRS Cap Blanc Nez in the distance Cap Gris Nez stone beach Cap Gris Nez stone beach Sheep at Cap Gris Nez Peace at a War memorial site Sheep hiding in a bunker at Cap Gris Nez Sheep at Cap Gris Nez Cap Blanc Nez in the distance

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