Ardennen March 2003

Our lake Sindie posing Sindie, our watchdog SIndie watching the cabin 20030411-193614 20030411-193620 20030411-193624 Pre Buffot Pre Buffot Pre Buffot Spar My hand built bridge Pre Buffot Daffodils (genus Narcissus) Daffodils (genus Narcissus) Narcissus Flowers / Daffodil Pre Buffot A bit of a swamp The stream running though our land A pool of Lilies Lily Lilies Lilies in our Pool Twin Lilies Campfire at night Campfire at night Luc on my mother's bicycle Luc smoking on a bicycle nature overcomes nightly excursion no smoking yellow tree Good Morning Straimont! Jaune Geel Yellow wet nature city bike lost in paradise Hail Mary I am the lizard king. I can do anything.

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